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Carboor Farms is growing to be Australia's leading vertically integrated hazelnut grower, processor and exporter

Carboor Farms
Carboor Farms is the largest Australian hazelnut grower with 12,500 hazelnut trees spread across 410 acres of prime land near Mount Buffalo in North East Victoria.  We have an extensive planting program that will result in planting of 87,000 trees across our current two farms, and a further 1 million across future farms and our partner's farms.

We are part way through a multi-year farm development program to deliver water security and access to the trees.

As an integrated agribusiness we grow, harvest, manufacture and market premium hazelnut based products under our premium Carboor Harvest brand.  We have complete supply chain oversight.

Carboor Farm progress
November 2016
A drive through of the Carboor farm showing progress of the 6,200 trees planted and the infrastructure installed.
Premium Australian Hazelnuts
Carboor Farms manufactures a range of premium nut products under the Carboor Harvest brand.  We will be the largest domestic manufacturer of Australian hazelnuts as well as having an extensive range of other nut based products.  Products are proudly manufactured in Melbourne sourcing nuts from within Australia.

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We are growing to be the Cobram Estate of the hazelnut industry - a "go to brand" for all high quality Australian produced hazelnut products, operating on a "farm to fork" model

Nut Oils
A variety of delicious nut oils including hazelnut, almond, walnut, cashew, pistachio and avacado.
Nut Butters
A range of nut butters made with more than double the content of nuts compared to our leading competitor.  A flavour for every taste.
Whole Nuts
Range of wholenuts roasted with a choice of delicious maple, chilli or with rock salt.
Nut flours
Premium finely ground gluten free nut flour, perfect for baking your favourite cake or cookie.
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Carboor Farms grower partnerships
Crop purchases
We are seeking to partner with hazelnut growers around Victoria. Operating under the partnership will enable our partners to achieve a maximum price for their crops - with the pricing known well into the future, sell to a convenient single contact and mimise required capital expenditure as our partners do not need to dry, grade or process nuts for sale.

​In addition to our own trees, Carboor Farms purchases entire hazelnut crops from partner farms in the area under long term purchase agreements.  If you are interested in partnering with us, please contact us using the form below.

For further details, refer to our FAQ or web presentation

​Carboor Farms is a rapidly growing vertically integrated agricultural company.  Our business is a strong exporting enterprise, providing investors exposure to international trade.

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